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Our mission is more than just coaching soccer; it’s about crafting a transformative journey for each player who steps onto our fields. At Select, we’re dedicated to developing strong, confident, and well-rounded individuals through the game of soccer. Our goal is to nurture the best in our players, both on and off the field, fostering a deep love and passion for the game while instilling values of integrity, respect, family, dedication, and community. Here, we believe in making a difference in the lives of our players, preparing them for their future with a sense of social responsibility and the memory of a competitive yet heartfelt experience.

If you share our commitment to excellence, community, and personal growth, we invite you to explore the opportunities with us at Select, where your work will leave a lasting impact on the next generation of players. Join us in our mission to create exceptional soccer players and extraordinary individuals.

The Values We Live By
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    We live and play with unwavering honesty, fairness, and adherence to moral principles, both on and off the soccer field, to build a trustworthy and honorable character.

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    We treat teammates, opponents, coaches, and the community with consideration and esteem, recognizing the value and efforts of every individual involved in the game of soccer.

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    We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where players, coaches, and families come together, sharing successes and challenges as one united team.

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    We commit wholeheartedly to practice, games, and team responsibilities, demonstrating perseverance and a strong work ethic in the pursuit of excellence in soccer and personal growth.

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    We cultivate a deep love for soccer, and an enthusiastic and spirited dedication to the game, driving us to enjoy our development and strive for our best with joy and zeal.

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    We build a sense of belonging and responsibility towards our local and global communities, encouraging us to contribute positively and understand our role in making a difference beyond the soccer field.

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Non-Coaching Positions

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