Frequently Asked Questions


Q. The packing list says my daughter needs a one piece bathing suit, does she?
A. Yes. We will be following all of Berkshire’s rules while we are at camp.

Q. Does my daughter need bedding?
A. Yes. The beds are bare and do not have anything on them.

Q. Can my daughter bring her cell phone?
A. We are proud to provide our girls with a technology free environment for the duration of our time at Berkshire Academy. Unfortunately, no cell phones or communication devices are allowed on site.

Q. Should I send my daughter with money?
A. The girls will only need money if they would like to purchase an item from the Berkshire store such as a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Q. Will my daughter have to carry her bag to her cabin?
A. No. The staff with deliver her bags to the cabin for her.

Q. Do I need to create a dashboard for Berkshire?
A. No, this is for their regular camps.

Q. Who will my daughter be sharing a cabin with?
A. The girls will be put in a cabin with other girls their age. They will find out their cabin mates on the first day.

Q. Can I send my daughter with food?
A. No.  All food will be supplied by the camp. No food is allowed in the cabins.

-Please label all items including your Select Gear!