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Goal Keeper Training

Welcome to the South Shore Select Goalkeeping page. The Goalkeeping Program at Select is directed by Jay Woodward.  Our goal is to develop goal keepers into the 11th field player in a fun, innovative and effective way.  We hope you find this page helpful in understanding our philosophy on goal keeping and much more.

About Jay  Training Schedule Philosophy

The Goalkeeping program at South Shore Select focuses on developing Complete Goalkeepers. Goalkeeping in 2017 is a great deal different than Goalkeeping 10 years ago, when the Goalkeeper was still tied to the 18 yard box. Due to rule changes, the position of Goalkeeper has become a crucial part of the modern game. No longer is shot-stopping the only factor in determining playing time. In 2017 the Goalkeeper must be a strong shot stopper capable of making the saves they are suppose to make, and minimize mistakes. Goalkeepers no longer can hide in the six yard box, they need to act as the 11th field player, and have the technical ability to pass and receive from most areas on the field. Lastly the ability to read and react to the opponent’s tactics, on the fly, will become more and more a part of the Goalkeeper’s role the older they get, and communicating to the team will be paramount in solving problems before they become bigger problems.

The training at South Shore Select Goalkeeping will incorporate the Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological tools to prepare our Goalkeepers for the modern game of soccer.