Whether the Goalkeepers are on the Field, in the classroom, or in the gym, they will be trained to be the best soccer players they can be and not just shot stoppers. The goal of the South Shore Select Goalkeeping Program is to provide our Goalkeepers with the highest level of training, in order for them to succeed on and off the field. The role of the Goalkeeper within the team has become tremendously advanced that it demands that Goalkeepers be much more than the last line of defense. The Goalkeeper is now the first attacker, last defender, shot stopper, captain and coach all in one on the field. In order for the Modern Goalkeeper to be successful today, they must embrace becoming Complete Goalkeepers.


The Technical training for the Goalkeepers at Select will focus on providing the technical tools every shot stopper will need.  We will also train the Goalkeepers outfield player skills, which they will need to thrive as a Complete Goalkeeper. They will be trained in the technique of shot stopping as well as the technical foot skills needed to thrive as a Goalkeeper. Playing outside of the `18 yard box has become more and more the norm, and Goalkeepers are expected to stay connected throughout the game in support of the defense as well as be able to act as a field player in support. The ability to know where to position oneself to support teammates will be as crucial as being able to play out of pressure with one or two touches in today’s game. Starting an attack out of the back as the first attacker will require the Goalkeepers to be especially accurate at delivering passes over short and long space, as well as taking their own goal kicks. The added confidence in a Goalkeeper who can play goal as well as the out field, is the objective of every coach and team in todays game.

The 11th Field Player

In previous years, coach’s focused on developing their 10 “field players” while the goalie was sent off to warm up separately in net.  That has changed as well over the past 10 years. The Goalkeepers have been trained just like outfield players, and possess the same skills and understanding of the game, making them the 11th field player. It only makes sense that coaches would start taking advantage of an extra person on the field.  Goalkeepers are now apart of game tactics both Defensively and Offensively. Reading the opponent’s tactics and understanding your own team is a crucial part of the learning curriculum for Goalkeepers. The Goalkeepers at Select will work on the field and in the classroom to help them better understand their role in the team’s tactics, and how best to be as asset to the team as a Complete Goalkeeper. Problem solving and communication will be front and center when teaching the Goalkeepers about tactics, and the role they play in helping the team from the Goalkeeping position.

Mental Toughness

The hardest part of being a Goalkeeper is dealing with the ups and downs of a game and season. Learning to focus in the moment is difficult to do when you’ve given up 3 straight goals, and finding the answers is tough in the middle of a game. The Goalkeepers will have bad days more often than not and learning to deal with the mental side of the game will be a factor in their growth.  The Goalkeeping program will provide tools to help refocus and teach the Goalkeepers to have Goal Amnesia.  All great strikers forget about the misses right away, and the same can be said for Goalkeepers.


Lastly is the Physical side of the Goalkeeping position. The Goalkeepers will benefit greatly from the physical side of training. Whether it be footwork or core strength work, the Goalkeeper needs to strength train specific areas, and can greatly improve their ability to make saves just by being in good physical shape. The goalkeepers will work on the field to improve their strength as a goalkeeper and be taught in the classroom how to make healthy choices when it comes to their health as a Goalkeeper.