At South Shore Select, soccer isn’t just a gameā€”it’s a pathway to building strong, confident, and empowered individuals. With a year-round program designed for young girls and boys, Select stands as a beacon of excellence, fostering not only athletes but leaders both on and off the field. Our family-run school is more than a club; it’s a community where passion, dedication, and teamwork pave the way for achieving dreams.

Players: Join Select To Unleash Your Potential

Discover the “Select Difference”. Whether you’re striving to make your mark in high school teams, Olympic Development Teams, or even the US Youth National Teams, Select is your launchpad. Our alumni have reached prestigious heights, showcasing their talents at top-tier colleges, national championships, and in the professional game. With a commitment to nurturing top-notch athletes and also well-rounded individuals, we invite you to explore how South Shore Select can transform your passion into achievement.

Coaches: Join Select To Lead the Next Generation of Champions

Have a passion for shaping the future of soccer? South Shore Select offers a unique opportunity for coaches to contribute to a positive, competitive, and supportive environment. We’re looking for dedicated individuals who share our core values of integrity, respect, family, dedication, passion, and community. If you have the drive to develop strong, confident players and wish to be part of a family that celebrates success on and off the field, join us in our mission to create exceptional soccer players and extraordinary individuals.