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It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a top class athlete in any sports discipline. Private lessons accelerate the learning process through a specialized training curriculum designed around the distinct needs of the player that can be difficult to teach in a team environment. Emphasis is placed on technique, decision making and building player confidence. Upon completion of a course players can expect greater success in their chosen area of concentration.


One on one training is a very intense but enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Sessions are prudently designed to challenge players technically, tactically, physically and mentally through a variety of competitive and progressive activities. Sessions are age and ability appropriate with consideration given to the developmental needs of players at each level. Below is an outline of how sessions are structured:

Warm up:             Introduction to the technique
Fundamental:     Conditioned activities that are organized to elicit repetition of technique without pressure.
Game:                   Competitive games designed to apply technique in pressure situations.

It takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become a top-class player.

Private lessons start at $95/session and go up from there depending on the level of staff member you would like to work with.

  • $95/session for a Select Staff Coach (we will schedule you with one of our available Select staff coaches)
  • $125/session for a Select Director (we will schedule you with one of our available Select Directors)
  • $150/session for a Select Academy Coach (we will schedule you with one of our available Select Academy coaches)
Current Directors and Academy Coaches available for Private Lessons:
  • Directors
    • Mike Phipps
    • Dillon Slattery
    • Ben Kluvers
    • Stephen Harris
    • Candice Newcomb
  • Academy Coaches
    • Driton Mustafoski
    • Brendan Hamilton
    • Moe Elshazly

50 Minute Sessions

Staff CoachDirector Level CoachAcademy Level Coach
$40/Additional Player/Session$50/Additional Player/Session$60/Additional Player/Session
1 Private$95$125$150
5 Privates$395$575$675
10 Privates$700$950$1125

For additional information please email or call 781-740-1105