2018 April Camp Specialty Clinics

Clinic Details: 

Day: Friday, April 20th
Location:  South Shore Sports Center
55 Recreation Park Drive Hingham MA

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ClinicTimesAge Groups
Beast Mode Shooting9:00 - 9:50amU8 & Older
Juggle-ito9:00 - 9:50amU11 & Older
Soccer Olympics10:00 - 10:50amU8 & Older
Coach Doc’s Recovery Clinic10:00 - 10:50amU11 & Older
Soccer Tennis11:00 - 11:50amU8 & Older
Head- Volleyball11:00 - 11:50amU12 & Older
ElectiveTimeAges Groups
Arts and Craft9:00 - 9:50 amU8 & Older
Jeopardy: Select Edition10:00 - 10:50 amU8 & Older
Pizza Making Class11:00 - 11:50amU8 & Older

Soccer Clinic Descriptions

Beast Mode Shooting:

Want to boost your goal scoring ability? Join us to learn a variety of ball-striking and volleying techniques to take your game to the next level.

Coach Maren’s Juggle-ito:

Let’s put your juggling ability to the test! Maren Rojas will challenge each of you with various juggling and first touch competitions. This clinic is going to be a challenging and fun way to end the week!.

Soccer Olympics:

This clinic offers various individual skill challenges — can you win the gold!

Coach Doc’s Recovery Clinic:

The clinic will explain why incorporating flexibility training in the recovery process is critical to help assist in injury prevention. We will incorporate foam rolling techniques, injury recognition testing, and stretching routines that will help extend players longevity within the game.

Soccer Tennis:

What is better than a January Offering Fan Favorite in the middle of April!!! Compete with a partner to see who is crowned the top spot! Soccer tennis is a fun soccer-specific game that combines aspects of tennis and volleyball which can improve instincts and technical skills among players of all ages.

Head-Volleyball (U12 & Up):

The ability to head the ball is a vital skill to have — no matter what position you play. Head volleyball is a fun soccer game that combines the competitive aspects of volleyball with the technical skills of heading that can improve any players game.

Elective Descriptions

Arts and Craft:
Summer season is right around the corner! Let’s get a little crafty and make some fun summer cover ups for the perfect beach day.

Jeopardy: Select Edition:
Compete against your friends in our first April Vacation Game Show.

Pizza Making Class:
Who doesn’t love pizza! Test out your culinary skills and make some of Hingham’s best pizza at the Skybox lounge.