Senior Program

The overall mission of our club is to create strong, confident young women through the game of soccer. Below highlights a few ways our senior program works towards our mission.


1. We strive to prepare our players for success at the high school level.

We will offer our girls various avenues throughout the summer to prepare for their high school season. Players are encouraged to attend any of the following:

· Select Camps (Welcome to Select Camp, July Camp, August Camp)

· High School Preparation Clinics (Weekly throughout the summer)

· High School Preparation Camp (One week prior to High School Tryouts)

· Summer Team Trainings (Offered throughout the summer)

· Summer Tournaments (Discretion of the Coach)

2. We strive to offer players and families a personal education specific to college preparations.

Through our senior director, Alison Foley, our families will have the opportunity to explore and better understand the college planning process. Each team will participate in seasonal college consulting meetings with Alison, to help them find colleges that best suit their long-term goals, regardless of whether or not our players decide to play collegiate soccer.

3. We strive to provide a positive environment, culture, and community for our high school players.

We want our high school players to continue to enjoy all of the experiences our club has to offer beyond the soccer field.

· Club-wide events / parties / trips

· Opportunities for community service (Junior Coaching, Big Sister Program, etc)

· Enrichment Programs (Yoga, Nutrition Seminars, Concussion Awareness, ACL Prevention)

4. We strive to provide a high school model that allows all of our players the perfect fit based upon ability and desired commitment.

We offer multiple playing levels and we hope that all of our kids have the opportunity to enjoy both high school sports and our Select Soccer Family.